Versión en Español ## Argentine Spanish Module for FreeLing [FreeLing]( is an open-source suite of language analyzers developed at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain. It supports several languages, including Spanish, and offers a number of useful natural language processing tools. The Argentine variants of Spanish have several differences in second person singular verb conjugations, which difficult the usage of FreeLing's tools. Such conjugations, known as voseos, consist of: * **Imperative mood**: *tomá*, *corré*, *partí*. * **Indicative mood, present time**: *tomás*, *corrés*, *partís*. * **Subjunctive mood, present time**: *tomés*, *corrás*, *partás*. (This case is less frequent; example: *¡no lo toqués!*) This package creates the 'ar-es' module, which extends the Spanish module 'es' by incorporating voseos. * Freeling-ar-es is free to download and use, under a [Apache License, Version 2.0]( * Current version: 1.0 - Oct 6, 2015 * Download and uncompress the file, and follow the instructions in README.txt. * [**Download freeling-ar-es**]( --- **Last updated:** 01 Apr 2020