Versión en Español <img style="float: right" src="files/agustin.jpg"> [Research](#research_interests) | [Contact](#contact_information) | [Bio](#short_bio) | [Students](#student_supervision) | [Publications](#selected_publications) | [Teaching](#teaching) | [Resources](#resources_and_links) ### Current Positions * Professor, [Computer Science Department](, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. * Researcher, [CONICET]( (National Research Council), Argentina. * Download [full CV](files/cv-gravano-eng.pdf) (PDF file). ### Research Interests * **Artificial Intelligence**, **Speech Processing**, **Spoken Dialogue Systems**, **Prosody**. * Understand and model the extraordinary degree of coordination exhibited by human beings while holding a conversation, along several dimensions of speech. The ultimate goal is to include this knowledge into spoken dialogue systems, aiming at improving their naturalness. * Contribute to the development of speech technologies in Spanish, by creating new resources, such as corpora and tools specific to this language. ### Contact Information * **E-mail:** gravano [at] * **Mailing address:** Depto. de Computación, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires. <BR> Pabellón I, Ciudad Universitaria. (C1428EGA) Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - ([Google Maps](,-58.439391&num=1&t=h&sll=-34.544777,-58.440056&sspn=0.003561,0.00721&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=-34.544229,-58.439595&spn=0.00388,0.006813&z=17)) * **Phone:** (+54) 11 5285-7478 ### Short Bio Agustín Gravano has been *Adjunct Professor* in the [Computer Science Department]( at the University of Buenos Aires since 2011, and *Adjunct Research Scientist* at [CONICET]( (National Research Council) since 2010. In 2009 he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from [Columbia University]( (New York) (Thesis: "[Turn-Taking and Affirmative Cue Words in Task-Oriented Dialogue](phd-thesis.php)"; advisor: [Prof. Julia Hirschberg]( In 2001 he completed the *Licenciatura* in Computer Science at the [CS Department at the University of Buenos Aires]( His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Speech Processing, Spoken Dialogue Systems, and Prosody. He has vast teaching experience at the University level, and has received the [ISCA Award for the Best Paper Published in CSL 2011-2015](files/award-csl-2016.jpg), among other honors. ### Student Supervision * **Ph.D. thesis advisor of:** [Pablo Brusco](, [Ramiro H. Gálvez](, Juan Manuel Pérez. * **Degree thesis advisor of:** [Lautaro Dolberg]( (05/2011), [Mat&iacute;as Dell' Amerlina R&iacute;os]( (09/2012), [Luisina Violante]( (09/2012), [Ver&oacute;nica Pechersky]( (12/2012), [Claudia Jul Vidal]( (11/2013), [Pablo Brusco]( (05/2014), [Fernando Bugni]( (12/2014), [Ezequiel Saudino]( (03/2015); [Juan Manuel P&eacute;rez]( (03/2016); [Dami&aacute;n Aleman]( (12/2017); [Lara Gauder and Marisol Reartes]( (12/2017). * **Master thesis advisor of:** [Ramiro H. Gálvez]( (03/2016). ### Selected Publications [Complete publications list](publications.php) | [Citations on Google Scholar]( * L. Gauder, M. Reartes, R.H. Galvez, S. Benus, **A. Gravano**, "Testing the Effects of Acoustic/Prosodic Entrainment on User Behavior at the Dialog-Act Level", Speech Prosody, Poznan, Poland, June 2018. * P. Brusco, **A. Gravano**, J.M. Perez, "[Cross-linguistic study of the production of turn-taking cues in American English and Argentine Spanish](", in Proc. of Interspeech 2017, pp. 2351-55. Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 2017. * R.H. Galvez, S. Benus, **A. Gravano**, M. Trnka, "[Prosodic facilitation and interference while judging on the veracity of synthesized statements](", in Proc. of Interspeech 2017, pp. 2331-35. Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 2017. * **A. Gravano**, J. Hirschberg, S. Benus, "[Affirmative cue words in task-oriented dialogue](". Computational Linguistics. Vol. 38(1), pp. 1-39, Mar 2012. * **A. Gravano**, J. Hirschberg, "[Turn-taking cues in task-oriented dialogue](". Computer Speech and Language. Vol. 25(3), pp. 601-634, Jul 2011. [**ISCA Award for the Best Paper Published in CSL 2011-2015**](files/award-csl-2016.jpg). ### Teaching * "[Machine Learning](" - Second Term 2018 * "[Algebra Workshop (Introduction to Functional Programming)](" - First term 2018 * "Topics of Data Mining in Big Data" - Second Term 2017 ([Master in Data Mining]( * "[Speech Processing](" - First Term 2017 ### Resources and Links * [Argentine Spanish Module for FreeLing](freeling-ar-es_en.php). Extension of FreeLing's Spanish module which incorporates verb conjugations used in the Argentine variants of the language. * [Spanish DAL: Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language](sdal_en.php). Spanish lexicon manually annotated for three affective dimensions: pleasantness, activation and imagery. * [Text Preprocessing for Spanish Text-To-Speech Systems](tts_en.php). Modules for preprocessing the input text in a screen reader of Wikipedia articles in Spanish. * [Speech Processing Group]( (DC, FCEyN, UBA) * [Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab]( (DC, FCEyN, UBA) * [**Further Resources for Speech and Natural Language Processing**](resources_en.php) --- **Last updated:** 11 Sep 2018