Versión en Español ## Spanish DAL: Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language SDAL is a 2880-word lexicon, which has been manually annotated for three affective dimensions: * **pleasantness** (pleasant / neutral / unpleasant) * **activation** (active / neutral / passive) * **imagery** (easy to imagine / neutral / hard to imagine) Both the lexicon and its evaluation are described in detail in this paper: * Agustín Gravano & Matías Dell' Amerlina Ríos, "[Spanish DAL: A Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language](", Technical Report, Computer Science Department, FCEyN-UBA, February 2014. ### Download SDAL * SDAL is free to download and use, under a [Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License]( * Current version: 1.2 - Sep 24, 2015 * [**Download SDAL**]( --- **Last updated:** 01 Apr 2020